Number of Geothermal Power Plant Installed in Africa


Geothermal Power Plant Installed in Africa
Geothermal Power Plant Installed in Africa

There are around 50 operational geothermal power plants in Africa, with a total installed capacity of over 956 megawatts (MW)

This represents a significant increase from just 205 MW in 2011, showcasing the continent's growing commitment to clean and sustainable energy.

Here's a breakdown of the geothermal landscape in Africa:

  • Leading the pack: Kenya is the undisputed leader in geothermal energy in Africa, boasting over 834 MW of installed capacity, followed by Ethiopia with around 100 MW. These two countries are home to the Great Rift Valley, which houses abundant geothermal resources.
  • Emerging players: Other countries like Djibouti, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda are also making strides in geothermal development, with several plants either under construction or in the planning stages.
  • Untapped potential: The estimated geothermal potential in Africa is vast, with experts suggesting it could reach up to 15,000 MW. This signifies tremendous opportunities for future growth and clean energy generation across the continent.

Here are some additional insights:

  • Geothermal energy offers several advantages over traditional fossil fuels, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reliable baseload power, and minimal water usage.
  • Investing in geothermal infrastructure can create jobs, boost local economies, and enhance energy security in Africa.
  • Overcoming challenges like high upfront costs and limited technical expertise remains crucial for further development of this promising renewable energy source.

The future of geothermal energy in Africa appears bright, with the potential to contribute significantly to the continent's energy needs while supporting sustainable development goals.

Geothermal Power Plant Installed in Africa

Table of Number of Geothermal Power Plant Installed in Africa

Here's a breakdown of the number of geothermal power plants installed in Africa by country, as of 2023:

CountryNumber of Geothermal Power PlantsInstalled Capacity (MW)
Iceland (part of the African Plate)14.5

This list represents the operational geothermal power plants, and excludes those under construction or in the planning stages. It's important to note that this is an evolving field, and the number of plants and their capacities may change over time.

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