Lansdcape of Geothermal Energy in South America


Lansdcape of Geothermal Energy in South America
Geothermal Energy in South America

North America boasts a much more established geothermal energy landscape compared to South America, with a rich history and diverse range of operational power plant.

In January13, 2024, there are around 100 geothermal power plants scattered across the continent, primarily concentrated in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Here's a breakdown of the installed capacity by country:

United States: The clear leader, the US holds the title of global leader in geothermal electricity production, with a whopping 3,676 MW of installed capacity. California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah are home to the majority of these plants, leveraging the abundant geothermal resources found in the "Basin and Range" geologic province.

Mexico: Following closely behind, Mexico possesses around 1,021 MW of installed geothermal capacity. The "Domo San Pedro Geothermal Project" in Nayarit, recently completed in 2023, is a noteworthy example of the country's commitment to expanding its geothermal footprint.

Canada: While still in its early stages of development compared to its neighbors, Canada has around 270 MW of installed geothermal capacity. Provinces like British Columbia and Alberta hold great potential for future geothermal projects.

These figures represent nameplate capacity, which refers to the maximum theoretical output of a power plant. The actual electricity generation can vary depending on factors like operational conditions and geothermal resource characteristics.

Here are some of the largest geothermal power plants in North America:

  • The Geysers (California, USA): 1,919 MW
  • Coso (California, USA): 280 MW
  • Brady-Desert Peak (Nevada, USA): 347 MW
  • Dixie Valley (Nevada, USA): 84 MW
  • Hell's Kitchen (California, USA): 40 MW (under construction)

The future of geothermal energy in North America looks promising, with ongoing research and development efforts aimed at enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this clean and renewable energy source. Additionally, supportive government policies and increasing public awareness about the benefits of geothermal power are contributing to a brighter outlook for this sector.

Lansdcape of Geothermal Energy in South America

Table of Geothermal Energy in South America by Country

Geothermal Energy in South America by Country (as of January 13, 2024)

CountryInstalled Capacity (MW)Operational PlantsProjects in DevelopmentNotes
Chile81✔️ Cerro Pabell√≥nEl Loa, Coyanco, PuchuldizaFirst operational plant in South America
Argentina0Copahue (160 MW)High geothermal potential, regulatory challenges
Bolivia0Laguna Colorada (5 MW)Early exploration stage, low capacity potential
Brazil0Brauna, Pipa NativaEarly exploration stage, limited resources
Colombia0Paipa, Cerro TataraExploration and drilling stages, potential for medium-scale projects
Ecuador0Chachimbiro (50 MW)Feasibility studies in progress, potential for small-scale projects
Peru0Quellopunco, ChivayEarly exploration stage, potential for geothermal tourism


  • The table only includes countries with known geothermal projects or potential.
  • "Projects in Development" refers to projects in various stages, including exploration, feasibility studies, construction, and permitting.
  • The installed capacity for countries with no operational plants is 0 MW.
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