China Wind Power

China Wind Power

China is a global leader in wind power. Since 2010, it has been the world's largest market for wind power installed capacity, boasting the most installed capacity globally and maintaining rapid growth. China is also the world's largest producer of wind power. According to data from the think tank Ember, China generated 46% more wind power in 2022 than all of Europe combined, which is the world's second-largest wind power market.


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China Wind Energy History Timeline

Pre-1949Traditional WindmillsTraditional windmills were used for irrigation and grain grinding in rural areas for centuries.
1950sEarly Research & DevelopmentInitial research and development efforts begin to explore wind energy's potential for electricity generation.
1980sFirst Wind FarmsThe first small-scale wind farms are constructed in remote areas to provide electricity to off-grid communities.
1990sPolicy Support & Demonstration ProjectsThe government begins to introduce policies supporting wind power development, including demonstration projects.
2002Renewable Energy LawThe Renewable Energy Law is enacted, providing a legal framework for wind power development and feed-in tariffs.
2005Rapid Growth BeginsWind power capacity starts to grow rapidly with increased government support and investments.
2010Top Spot in CapacityChina becomes the world leader in wind power installed capacity.
201112th Five-Year PlanThe 12th Five-Year Plan emphasizes the development of renewable energy, further boosting wind power growth.
2021328 GW CapacityChina reaches a wind power capacity of 328 GW, surpassing the EU and US combined.
2021-2022Surpassing Past GrowthNew wind power installations in these two years alone exceed China's total capacity from the previous seven years.

Note: This is a general timeline. 

China Wind Power

China Wind Power Overview

China Wind Power Overview (Table)

Market PositionWorld leader
Installed Capacity (by 2022)75.32 GW
Global Share of Capacity27%
Growth RateSteady increase (around 30% recently)
Manufacturing StrengthWorld's largest wind turbine equipment manufacturer
Focus ShiftIncreasing emphasis on offshore wind power
Role in Energy StrategyCritical pillar for clean energy transition and carbon neutrality


Grid IntegrationIntegrating large wind power volumes into the national grid
CurtailmentPotential waste due to production curtailment (grid limitations, demand issues)
Environmental ImpactMinimizing impact on wildlife and ecosystems

Future Outlook

Growth TrajectoryExpected to maintain rapid growth
ContributionSignificant impact on China's energy security and sustainability goals

China is the undisputed global leader in wind power. Here's a breakdown of its dominance:

  • Capacity Champion: China boasts the world's largest installed wind power capacity, reaching a staggering 75.32 GW by the end of 2022. This accounts for a whopping 27% of global wind power capacity.
  • Rapid Growth: China's wind power industry has witnessed phenomenal growth. While the initial growth rate was explosive (over 100% annually in the late 2000s), it has matured, with recent years showing a steady increase (around 30% in 2015). However, the absolute value of installed capacity continues to soar.
  • Manufacturing Powerhouse: Not only is China the world's top wind power user, but it's also the world's largest wind turbine equipment manufacturer. Domestic giants like Goldwind are leading the way.
  • Shifting Focus: While onshore wind farms were the initial focus, China is now placing increasing emphasis on offshore wind power. Significant capacity additions were seen in 2021, with more to come in the future.
  • Clean Energy Pillar: Wind power is a critical component of China's strategy to achieve carbon neutrality and transition to a cleaner energy mix. It plays a vital role in reducing dependence on fossil fuels and mitigating climate change.

By the end of 2021, wind power was China's third-largest source of electricity, accounting for 7.5% of total generation and reaching 328 gigawatts (GW). This is 1.4 times the capacity of the European Union at the end of 2020 and 2.6 times that of the United States. China has held the top spot in wind power capacity for 12 consecutive years. New wind power installations in 2021 also accounted for nearly 70% of the world's total new capacity. The amount of wind power capacity China added in 2021 and 2022 alone surpassed its total wind power capacity from the previous seven years.

Development of China's Wind Power Industry:

  • Early Stage (1980s-1990s): China's wind power development started relatively late, beginning in the 1980s. It mainly focused on small wind turbines used in remote areas.
  • Rapid Development Stage (2000s-2010s): The 2000s saw rapid development in China's wind power industry, with installed capacity experiencing significant growth. During this period, the industry focused mainly on onshore wind power. Wind power companies like Three Gorges Group, Goldwind Science & Technology, and Envision Energy emerged as leaders.
  • Global Leadership Stage (2020s-present): Entering the 2020s, China's wind power industry continues its rapid growth and is transitioning towards offshore wind power. In 2021, for the first time, China's new offshore wind power installations surpassed onshore installations, becoming a new engine for China's wind power development.

Key Characteristics of China's Wind Power Industry:

  • Huge Installed Capacity: China has held the top spot in wind power installed capacity for 12 consecutive years, acting as a mainstay in global wind power development.
  • Fast Growth Rate: China's wind power industry maintains a rapid growth trend. In 2022, new installations exceeded 110 million kilowatts, accounting for over 70% of the world's new installed capacity.
  • Leading Technological Level: China's wind power technology is constantly improving. Domestic production of large-capacity wind turbines and offshore wind turbines has been achieved, and these technologies are starting to enter the international market.

Challenges Facing China's Wind Power Industry:

  • High Curtailment Rate: China's wind power curtailment rate remains high, reaching around 10% in 2022. Curtailment refers to situations where wind farms are unable to generate electricity due to grid limitations or lack of demand.
  • Grid Integration Challenges: China's wind power is mainly concentrated in western regions, while electricity demand is high in eastern regions. This geographical disparity creates challenges for integrating wind power into the grid.
  • High Cost of Offshore Wind Power: The cost of offshore wind power is still relatively high, and further cost reduction is needed to achieve large-scale development.

China Wind Power

China Wind Power Industry

Global PositionWorld's largest market for wind power installed capacity and wind power generation
Installed Capacity (by End of 2021)328 GW (gigawatts)
GrowthRapid; new installations in 2021 & 2022 surpassed total capacity from previous 7 years
Development Stages* Early Stage (1980s-1990s): Focus on small onshore turbines in remote areas * Rapid Development Stage (2000s-2010s): Significant onshore wind power growth * Global Leadership Stage (2020s-present): Continued growth, transition to offshore wind
Key Characteristics* Huge installed capacity * Fast growth rate * Leading technological level
Challenges* High wind curtailment rate * Grid integration challenges due to geographical distribution * High cost of offshore wind power
Future Development* Maintain rapid growth * Offshore wind power becomes a major focus (projected 600 GW installed capacity by 2030) * Continuous technological advancements

Future Development of China's Wind Power Industry:

  • Maintain Rapid Growth: China's wind power installed capacity is expected to reach 1.2 billion kilowatts by 2030, becoming a significant source of electricity for the country.
  • Offshore Wind Power Becomes a Development Focus: Offshore wind power will be a critical direction for China's wind power development. China's offshore wind power installed capacity is projected to reach 600 million kilowatts by 2030.
  • Continuous Technological Breakthroughs: China's wind power technology will continue to experience breakthroughs, leading to lower costs, improved efficiency, and promoting high-quality development of the wind power industry.

Top 20 Wind Power Companies in China

Company Name (Chinese)Company Name (English)Business Scope
三峡集团China Three Gorges CorporationDevelopment, construction and operation of wind power projects
国电集团China Guodian CorporationDevelopment and utilization of wind energy resources
华能集团China Huaneng GroupInvestment and cooperation in wind power projects
华电集团China Huadian CorporationProviding clean and sustainable energy solutions
中电投集团China Power Investment CorporationImproving the technological level and market competitiveness of wind power industry
国电南瑞Guodian SouthDevelopment and application of clean energy such as wind power and solar power
国电电力Guodian PowerDevelopment and construction of wind power projects
国电投资Guodian InvestmentInnovation and development of wind power industry
华润电力China Resources PowerInvestment and operation of wind power projects
华电国际China Huadian InternationalIncreasing the innovation capacity and market competitiveness of wind power technology
中国电建China Energy Engineering CorporationRich project experience and technical strength in wind power
中国电力China PowerOptimization and upgrading of China's energy structure
中国华能China HuadianProviding sustainable energy solutions
中国大唐集团China Datang CorporationPromoting the development of clean energy
中国华电集团China Huadian GroupDevelopment of China's clean energy industry
中国电科集团China Electronics Technology Group CorporationR&D and application of wind power technology
国家电网State Grid Corporation of ChinaInvestment and cooperation in wind power
华电清新能源China Huadian New EnergySupporting the transformation of China's energy structure
京能集团Beijing Energy GroupDevelopment of China's energy market
中国华电国际China Huadian InternationalInnovation and application of clean energy technology

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North China Wind Farm List

List of Wind Power Plants in Northern China (with Capacity)

This is a list of some of the major wind power plants in northern China, with their installed capacity in brackets (in Megawatts, MW):

North China Region

  • Inner Mongolia
    • Ulanqab Wind Power Base (10,000 MW)
    • Xilin Gol Wind Power Base (8,000 MW)
    • Bayannur Wind Power Base (6,000 MW)
    • Ordos Wind Power Base (5,000 MW)
  • Hebei
    • Zhangjiakou Wind Power Base (8,000 MW)
    • Chengde Wind Power Base (6,000 MW)
    • Tangshan Wind Power Base (5,000 MW)
    • Qinhuangdao Wind Power Base (4,000 MW)
  • Shanxi
    • Datong Wind Power Base (6,000 MW)
    • Xinzhou Wind Power Base (5,000 MW)
    • Lüliang Wind Power Base (4,000 MW)
    • Jincheng Wind Power Base (3,000 MW)

Northwest Region

  • Xinjiang
    • Hami Wind Power Base (10,000 MW)
    • Turpan Wind Power Base (8,000 MW)
    • Shihezi Wind Power Base (6,000 MW)
    • Karamay Wind Power Base (5,000 MW)
  • Gansu
    • Jiuquan Wind Power Base (8,000 MW)
    • Jinchang Wind Power Base (6,000 MW)
    • Jiayuguan Wind Power Base (5,000 MW)
    • Pingliang Wind Power Base (4,000 MW)
  • Ningxia
    • Shizuishan Wind Power Base (3,000 MW)
    • Wuzhong Wind Power Base (2,000 MW)
    • Guyuan Wind Power Base (1,000 MW)
    • Zhongwei Wind Power Base (1,000 MW)

Northeast Region

  • Jilin
    • Baicheng Wind Power Base (5,000 MW)
    • Songyuan Wind Power Base (4,000 MW)
    • Siping Wind Power Base (3,000 MW)
    • Liaoyuan Wind Power Base (2,000 MW)
  • Liaoning
    • Jinzhou Wind Power Base (4,000 MW)
    • Huludao Wind Power Base (3,000 MW)
    • Chaoyang Wind Power Base (2,000 MW)
    • Anshan Wind Power Base (1,000 MW)
  • Heilongjiang
    • Daqing Wind Power Base (4,000 MW)
    • Yichun Wind Power Base (3,000 MW)
    • Qiqihar Wind Power Base (2,000 MW)
    • Jixi Wind Power Base (1,000 MW)


  • Qinghai
    • Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Wind Power Base (3,000 MW)
    • Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Wind Power Base (2,000 MW)
    • Habei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Wind Power Base (1,000 MW)
    • Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Wind Power Base (1,000 MW)

List of Wind Power Plants in Northern China


地区 (Region)风力发电场 (Wind Power Plant)装机容量 (Installed Capacity, MW)
华北地区 (North China Region)
内蒙古 (Inner Mongolia)乌兰察布市 (Ulanqab)10,000
锡林郭勒盟 (Xilin Gol)8,000
巴彦淖尔市 (Bayannur)6,000
鄂尔多斯市 (Ordos)5,000
河北 (Hebei)张家口市 (Zhangjiakou)8,000
承德市 (Chengde)6,000
唐山市 (Tangshan)5,000
秦皇岛市 (Qinhuangdao)4,000
山西 (Shanxi)大同市 (Datong)6,000
忻州市 (Xinzhou)5,000
吕梁市 (Lüliang)4,000
晋城市 (Jincheng)3,000
西北地区 (Northwest Region)
新疆 (Xinjiang)哈密 (Hami)10,000
吐鲁番 (Turpan)8,000
石河子 (Shihezi)6,000
克拉玛依 (Karamay)5,000
甘肃 (Gansu)酒泉 (Jiuquan)8,000
金昌 (Jinchang)6,000
嘉峪关 (Jiayuguan)5,000
平凉 (Pingliang)4,000
宁夏 (Ningxia)石嘴山市 (Shizuishan)3,000
吴忠市 (Wuzhong)2,000
固原市 (Guyuan)1,000
中卫市 (Zhongwei)1,000
东北地区 (Northeast Region)
吉林 (Jilin)白城 (Baicheng)5,000
松原市 (Songyuan)4,000
四平市 (Siping)3,000
辽源市 (Liaoyuan)2,000
辽宁 (Liaoning)锦州 (Jinzhou)4,000
葫芦岛市 (Huludao)3,000
朝阳市 (Chaoyang)2,000
鞍山市 (Anshan)1,000
黑龙江 (Heilongjiang)大庆市 (Daqing)4,000
伊春市 (Yichun)3,000
齐齐哈尔市 (Qiqihar)2,000
鸡西市 (Jixi)1,000