Amazon Steps into AR Shopping with Virtual Try-On for Shoes


Amazon Steps into AR Shopping with Virtual Try-On for Shoes

Amazon Steps into AR Shopping with Virtual Try-On for Shoes

While Amazon doesn't currently have a dedicated AR clothing try-on app called "Amazon Style," they have begun incorporating virtual try-on features into their existing shopping app. This functionality, called "Virtual Try-On for Shoes," allows users to see how shoes would look on their feet from the comfort of their homes.

Here's a breakdown of what we know about Amazon's Virtual Try-On for Shoes:

AvailabilityLaunched in June 2022 for iOS users in the US and Canada. Android rollout expected.
Compatible DevicesiPhones and iPads with a compatible camera.
Supported ProductsThousands of sneaker styles from various brands including New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and more.
How it Works1. Select a shoe with the "Virtual Try-On" button. <br> 2. Point your phone's camera at your feet. <br> 3. The AR shoes will appear on your feet. You can move your feet to see different angles. <br> 4. Change colors of the same shoe style using the built-in carousel. <br> 5. Take a photo of your virtual try-on experience to share on social media.
Benefits* Visualize how shoes look on yourself before buying. * More informed purchasing decisions. * Improved online shopping experience.

While this is currently limited to shoes, it represents Amazon's foray into the world of AR clothing try-on. We may see them expand this feature to include other clothing items in the future.

Amazon Steps into AR Shopping with Virtual Try-On for Shoes

Technology Uses in Amazon's Virtual Try-On for Shoes

Amazon's Virtual Try-On for Shoes leverages a combination of technologies to deliver an augmented reality (AR) shopping experience. 

Here's a breakdown of the key technologies involved:

Augmented Reality (AR)Overlays digital elements (the virtual shoes) onto the real world (your feet) through your phone's camera.
Motion TrackingTracks the movement of your phone's camera, allowing the virtual shoes to stay positioned on your feet as you move.
3D ModelingCreates realistic digital models of the shoes in various sizes and colors.
Image Recognition (optional)Potentially used to identify the surface your feet are on and adjust the lighting of the virtual shoes accordingly (not confirmed for current implementation).

Table: Breakdown of Technology Uses

FeatureTechnology Used
Shoes appear on your feetAugmented Reality (AR), Motion Tracking
Different shoe viewsMotion Tracking
Changing shoe colors3D Modeling

Additional Notes:

  • The Amazon app likely utilizes the phone's built-in sensors (gyroscope and accelerometer) for motion tracking.
  • Image recognition, if used, would require more advanced processing power and may not be available on all devices.
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