Seagreen Wind Farm: the Power of Scotland's Seas


Seagreen Wind Farm

Seagreen Wind Farm: Harnessing the Power of Scotland's Seas

Rising from the North Sea, near the Scottish coast of Angus, stands Seagreen Wind Farm, a testament to human ingenuity and a beacon of green energy. 

Now fully operational, Seagreen holds the title of Scotland's largest offshore wind farm, boasting an impressive array of 114 turbines towering over the waves.

A Record-Breaking Feat:

Seagreen's achievements extend beyond sheer size. Its foundations, anchored to the seabed, delve deeper than any other fixed-bottom installations in the world, showcasing remarkable engineering prowess. This not only ensures stability in the tumultuous North Sea but also paves the way for future offshore wind projects in challenging environments.

Powering Progress:

With a total generating capacity of 1,075 Megawatts, Seagreen harnesses the wind's power to produce enough clean electricity to power over 1.6 million UK homes annually. This translates to a significant reduction in reliance on fossil fuels, displacing around 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. This impact is equivalent to removing over a third of all annual car emissions in Scotland, showcasing Seagreen's vital contribution to the nation's ambitious net-zero target by 2045.

Seagreen Wind Farm

Seagreen Wind Farm Statistics Data

Seagreen Wind Farm: Vital Statistics at a Glance

Location: North Sea, 27km off the coast of Angus, Scotland

Project type: Offshore wind farm

Developer: Joint venture between SSE Renewables (49%) and TotalEnergies (51%)

Number of turbines: 114

Turbine model: Vestas V164/10MW

Total installed capacity: 1,075 MW

Annual energy production: Enough to power over 1.6 million UK homes (reducing CO2 emissions by 2 million tonnes per year)

Water depth: Up to 59m (world record for fixed-bottom foundations)

Export cables: 19km underground, connecting to a new substation at Tealing near Dundee

Operational status: Fully operational since October 2023

Other notable statistics:

  • World's deepest fixed-bottom offshore wind farm
  • Scotland's largest offshore wind farm
  • Significant contributor to local economy and renewable energy job creation
  • Constructed with rigorous environmental assessments and mitigation measures

Additional data sources:

This data should provide a solid overview of Seagreen Wind Farm's key statistics. Remember, you can always delve deeper into specific areas based on your needs and interests.

Here's a table summarizing the key statistics of Seagreen Wind Farm:

LocationNorth Sea, 27km off the coast of Angus, Scotland
Project typeOffshore wind farm
DeveloperSSE Renewables (49%) and TotalEnergies (51%)
Number of turbines114
Turbine modelVestas V164/10MW
Total installed capacity1,075 MW
Annual energy productionEnough to power over 1.6 million UK homes
CO2 emissions reduction2 million tonnes per year
Water depthUp to 59m (world record for fixed-bottom foundations)
Export cables19km underground
Operational statusFully operational since October 2023

Seagreen Wind Farm

Seagreen Wind Farm: A Collaborative Effort

This landmark project is a product of a strong partnership between SSE Renewables (49%) and TotalEnergies (51%). 

SSE Renewables, leading the development and construction, brings extensive experience in renewable energy, while TotalEnergies' global expertise adds immense value. This synergy ensures not only the successful completion of Seagreen but also sets a precedent for future collaborations in the field of sustainable energy.

Beyond Turbines:

Seagreen's impact extends beyond its energy generation. The project has contributed significantly to the local economy, creating jobs and fostering innovation in the renewables sector. Additionally, its construction involved rigorous environmental assessments and mitigation measures, ensuring minimal disruption to marine life and ecosystems.

A Look Ahead:

Seagreen is just one step in the journey towards a greener future. Its success paves the way for further advancements in offshore wind technology, leading to cleaner skies and a more sustainable planet. As the wind turbines continue to spin, they not only generate power but also symbolize hope for a future powered by renewable energy.

In conclusion, Seagreen Wind Farm is not just a collection of turbines, it's a testament to human ambition, technical innovation, and collective action against climate change. Its success shines a light on the immense potential of offshore wind in powering a sustainable future, leaving a legacy that will benefit generations to come.

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