Europe Wind Farm By Country


Europe Wind Farm By Country

Wind Energy Powerhouses in Europe

Europe is a leader in wind energy, with several countries boasting impressive wind farm capacity and generation. 

Here's a look at some of the top contenders:

1. Denmark:

  • Total Installed Capacity: 8 GW (onshore) + 4 GW (offshore) = 12 GW
  • Wind Power Contribution: 55% of total electricity consumption (highest in Europe)
  • Key Facts: Denmark is a global pioneer in wind energy, having installed its first wind turbine in 1970. The country's windy coastline and strong government support have fueled its rapid development in this sector.

2. Germany:

  • Total Installed Capacity: 63 GW (onshore) + 7 GW (offshore) = 70 GW
  • Wind Power Contribution: 26% of total electricity consumption
  • Key Facts: Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe, is also a major player in wind energy. The country boasts the largest onshore wind capacity in Europe and is actively expanding its offshore wind farms.

3. United Kingdom:

  • Total Installed Capacity: 14 GW (onshore) + 14 GW (offshore) = 28 GW
  • Wind Power Contribution: 28% of total electricity consumption
  • Key Facts: The UK has seen rapid growth in offshore wind in recent years, becoming a global leader in this technology. The country is also home to some of the world's largest onshore wind farms.

4. Spain:

  • Total Installed Capacity: 28 GW (onshore) + 5 GW (offshore) = 33 GW
  • Wind Power Contribution: 24% of total electricity consumption
  • Key Facts: Spain boasts the second-largest onshore wind capacity in Europe after Germany. The country has ambitious plans to further expand its wind energy infrastructure, particularly in the offshore sector.

5. France:

  • Total Installed Capacity: 18 GW (onshore) + 4 GW (offshore) = 22 GW
  • Wind Power Contribution: 11% of total electricity consumption
  • Key Facts: France has traditionally relied heavily on nuclear power, but wind energy is playing an increasingly important role in its energy mix. The country is actively developing both onshore and offshore wind farms.

Other notable players:

  • Ireland: Wind power contributes 36% of Ireland's electricity consumption, the highest percentage in Europe.
  • Sweden: Sweden is rapidly expanding its wind energy capacity, with a focus on offshore wind farms.
  • Portugal: Portugal has seen significant growth in wind energy in recent years, with the government setting ambitious targets for further expansion.

Europe is a leader in wind energy, with a diverse landscape of countries at different stages of development. The continued growth of wind power is crucial for the continent's efforts to decarbonize its energy sector and combat climate change.

Europe Wind Farm By Country

Statistics Table of Wind Energy in Europe by Country

Wind Energy in Europe: A Statistical Breakdown by Country

Europe is a leader in wind energy, with various countries boasting impressive statistics in terms of installed capacity, generation, and contribution to overall energy mix. 

Here's a breakdown Europe Wind Energy by country:

CountryTotal Installed Capacity (MW)Onshore Capacity (MW)Offshore Capacity (MW)Wind Power as % of Total Electricity Consumption
United Kingdom28,00014,00014,00028%

Additional Notes:

  • These figures are based on data from 2022 or the latest available data.
  • The EU-27 as a whole has a total installed wind capacity of approximately 190 GW, with wind power contributing around 17% of the total electricity consumption.
  • The growth of wind energy in Europe is expected to continue in the coming years, driven by ambitious targets and falling costs.

Europe Wind Farm By Country

Largest Wind Farm in Europe by Country

Wind Farm Wonders of Europe: A Country-by-Country Rundown

Europe stands as a global champion of wind energy, with numerous countries dotting the continent boasting impressive wind farm installations and generation. Buckle up as we embark on a whirlwind tour of some of the most notable wind farm havens across Europe:

1. Denmark:

  • Horns Rev 3
  • Vesterhav Syd & Nord
  • Nysted

2. Germany:

  • Meerwind Sudost
  • Fino 3
  • Alpha Ventus

3. United Kingdom:

  • Beatrice
  • Hornsea One
  • London Array

4. Spain:

  • Maragota
  • El Perdido
  • Nudo del Alfar

5. France:

  • Fecamp
  • Saint-Nazaire
  • Courseulles-sur-Mer

Bonus Whirlwinds:

  • Ireland: Numerous wind farms contribute to the country's impressive 36% wind energy share.
  • Sweden: Rapidly expanding wind energy sector, with a focus on offshore farms.
  • Portugal: Booming wind energy sector driven by ambitious government targets.

This is just a taster of the many wind farm wonders across Europe. Each country has its own unique story to tell, with countless wind farms standing proudly as testaments to human ingenuity and our determination to embrace sustainable energy sources. 

Europe Wind Farm By Country

Table of Wind Farm in Europe by Country

Europe's Largest Wind Farms by Country (as of January 2024)

CountryWind Farm NameInstalled Capacity (MW)Operational Year
DenmarkHorns Rev 38762019
GermanyGode Wind I & II9002017
United KingdomHornsea One1,2002019
SpainNudo del Alfar4802012
SwedenMarkbygden 114502023
IrelandSeagreen Alpha3732022
PortugalVidigueira Wind Farm4202017
FinlandTahkoluoto Wind Farm1812012


  • This table lists the largest wind farms for each country based on installed capacity.
  • There may be other notable wind farms in each country with unique features or technological advancements.
  • Data is based on publicly available information and may not be perfectly accurate.

Europe Wind Farm By Country

Conclusion Europe Wind Farm By Country

Europe's wind energy landscape is a mosaic of diverse and impressive initiatives, with each country showcasing its own unique approach to harnessing the power of the wind. 

From Denmark's pioneering offshore farms to Spain's vast onshore arrays, the continent paints a picture of commitment and innovation in the face of climate challenges. As these wind turbines spin ever faster, they not only generate clean energy, but also weave a narrative of hope, reminding us that a sustainable future is not just attainable, but already taking root across Europe's windswept plains and rugged coastlines.

This journey into European wind farms is just the beginning. Each country holds a wealth of stories waiting to be discovered, each turbine a symbol of our collective quest for a cleaner, greener future. So, keep exploring, keep learning, and let the wind of change guide you towards a tomorrow powered by the very breath of our planet.

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