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Here are some facts and data related to the East Anglia ONE Offshore Wind Farm

1. Capacity and Generation: East Anglia ONE has a total capacity of 714 megawatts (MW). Once fully operational, it is expected to generate enough clean electricity energy to power over 630,000 homes in the UK.

2. Turbines: The wind farm consists of 102 wind turbines. Each turbine has a capacity of 7 MW and a rotor diameter of 154 meters. The turbines are designed to harness the strong offshore winds in the North Sea.

3. Construction and Operation: The construction of East Anglia ONE began in 2017 and was completed in 2020. The wind farm is located off the coast of Suffolk, England, in water depths ranging from 22 to 36 meters. It is operated by ScottishPower Renewables, a subsidiary of the Iberdrola Group.

4. Economic Impact: The development of East Anglia ONE has brought significant economic benefits to the region. During the construction phase, it created employment opportunities for thousands of workers, including engineers, technicians, and support staff. Additionally, the ongoing operation and maintenance of the wind farm provide long-term job opportunities.

5. Carbon Emission Reduction: East Anglia ONE plays a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions. It is estimated to offset approximately 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, contributing to the UK's efforts to combat climate change and transition to a low-carbon economy.

6. Substation and Grid Connection: The wind farm features a purpose-built substation located at the landfall in Bawdsey, Suffolk. This substation collects and converts the electricity generated by the turbines before transmitting it to the onshore grid for distribution to consumers.

7. Community Engagement: ScottishPower Renewables has engaged with local communities and stakeholders throughout the development of East Anglia ONE. The company has undertaken various initiatives to ensure that local communities benefit from the project, including educational programs, job creation, and environmental protection measures.

8. Future Expansion: East Anglia ONE is the first phase of a larger development called the East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm Zone. ScottishPower Renewables has plans for further expansion in the area, with the potential to develop additional offshore wind farms that could significantly increase the renewable energy capacity in the region.

East Anglia ONE Offshore Wind Farm showcases the potential of offshore wind energy in contributing to the UK's renewable energy targets, reducing carbon emissions, and driving economic growth. 

It represents a significant milestone in the deployment of large-scale offshore wind projects and paves the way for further expansion in the offshore wind sector.